Episode 1/div>


While Tricky practices an important message to her mom, Jake and Fresh play a game of “SKATE” for lunch money. But their attention turns to Yutani when her metal detector discovers a buried object that could forever change the city.

Episode 2/div>


Busted by Guard & Dog, Jake is dragged home to face the music. As his exasperated mom tries to smooth out the situation, Jake attempts a clever escape from his punishment only to encounter an unforeseen obstacle.

Episode 3/div>


It’s the day of Tricky’s big ballet recital, but all she wants to do is meet up with her friends to skate. Tricky’s secret double life is nearly exposed, though, when her snooty mother insists she wear the family heirloom to impress the recital judge.

Episode 4/div>


An ordinary lunch at Skate Haven takes a strange turn when King starts rapping to earn a french fry from Jake. What follows is an epic disaster that ends with a stain on Fresh’s brand new kicks. Can King possibly redeem himself?

Episode 5/div>


Moments before her big recital, Tricky realizes she forgot to change out of skate shoes. With her parents in the audience and a room filled with onlookers, Tricky does her best but fails to impress the heartless judge. Can Jake and Fresh somehow come to their friend's rescue?

Episode 6/div>


While live-streaming her “maker” show, Yutani reveals her newest invention is a low-orbit weather machine. But when the satellite gets stuck on the rooftop launch pad Yutani is forced to enlist her reluctant father to try and salvage the situation.

Episode 7/div>


When Yutani reveals her latest invention, Tricky insists they must keep it secret. But Jake has greater plans - plans that could put them all in danger.

Episode 8/div>


While Tricky gives Yutani her first skateboarding lesson, Jake and Fresh assume the role of sports commentators. But with Tricky losing her patience and Jake unable to control his hunger, will Yutani actually learn anything?

Episode 9/div>


When Fresh realizes his Boombox is missing he goes into full panic mode, frantically searching his house to find it...

Episode 10/div>


While an excited Jake struggles to communicate to his friends how much Yutani's invention will change skateboarding, Guard & Dog get wind of the kids intruding on their turf.